At CREST, our journey began with a simple dream: to create cozy comforting clothes that take us back home. Surrounded by our loved ones, we were keen to translate into images that which we know best: The essence of Living and Togetherness.

This film-manifesto, produced without artifice and inspired by our daily lives, reveals CREST’s DNA. Shot amidst our native Haute-Savoie, Mother Nature and cradle of our universe, it portrays those who have accompanied us from the start.

A world that echoes the music of one of our favorite artist and big inspiration, Tim Smith (Harp, ex Midlake) who created for us the official anthem - Leaping Into The Void.

Embracing our vision, we extend a warm invitation to leap into the void with us, and become a part of our ever-growing Family.

Watch Leaping Into The Void